Monday, 4 November 2013

Suddenly 28 - Lancôme Génifique Yeux Review

It's been two bloody years since I posted my last blog, I was still a single, between jobs and voila! Now I'm 28 years old newlywed, with a new job that I'd like to convey later. Now now, let's focus on the age. Somehow I still feel like I'm 22-25 years old, but whenever I look myself in the mirror, especially when I just wake up, the eye bag thingy just works as a reminder that I, will soon be a thirty-something. It took a lot of effort to type that previous sixteen letters.

So, I asked one of my friends whom herself is a cosmetic guru and perhaps has dedicated her life as a lab rabbit for years, and she came out with a suggestion : Génifique Yeux youth activating eye cream by Lancôme ( which turned to be readers' choice from one prominent beauty mag few years after ).

Well here comes the review,  this is my second eye cream, I used to worship Body Shop's vit C series and I just went to spend a little more fortune invest more with the hope of better result on the eye department. Skip the packaging, I'm not to crazy on how it will decorate my beauty box. First, the scent is nice, very Lancôme-y flowery type and  I smell a little fermentation scent, just like any other youth product ( SK-II essence-y smell ). Texture is thick and I positively sure that this will last more than a month. I only applied a little per usage, in every morning and night. The bad news, this creamy texture just won't blend with my concealer and powder, leaving me with white uneven cosmetic blotches. Also I don't feel like this cream provide me the right moisture on the eye area. But the good news, I noticed that the under-eye puffiness was reduced a week after. If you're result oriented, this cream might satisfy you for sure, but If you wish to experience instant eye-reviving cooling effect eye-cream type, this is not your glory yet.

Verdict : I will surely consider to re-purchase, but for now I still can't get over Body Shop's vit C Eye Reviver Duo for their instant cooling effect, which I think would be useful for laptop-abused eyes.

Currently I'm trying new product, Clinique repairwear intensive eye cream and I will review it soon.